It is quite common to hear people say that long distance relationships do not work, however, this couple proves there is always an exception to every rule.

Their love story/wedding proposal by the groom:

"I planned with some couple of friends (my friends, her friends and the friends we share in common), I picked her up at home and told her that we are going for a friend's send forth party on a Tuesday and she kept complaining that what kind of friend am I sending off during office hours on a Tuesday and made it clear that she has to be back to school before 12 because she has a lecture she doesn't intend missing.

I tried to convince her that as a post graduate student lectures is not that important but she wouldn't bulge had to get her friend to call her that lecture has been cancelled in school before she became relaxed. Surprisingly Omu resort wasn't as close as we expected when coming from the mainland Ketu. On getting there she sat down and started reading again choi she is such a book worm lol...that was when I took her towards the zoo (so as to allow our friends settle in at the Aqua session of the resort)and started asking her about what was special about the the time we came back and entered the aqua zone they were waiting for us at the exit with the surprise..I want you to share it so ladies would erase the impression that long relationship or distance do not really work out..I met her 2003 started dating her officially according to her 2006, proposed Oct 28 2014 exactly 8years and did Nikkah Nov. 29 and court wedding 2015."

We appreciate this and hopefully, everyone can learn from this.

Congrats to the patient couple.