Ways to use sugar for skincare

Sugars; brown or white have amazing beauty benefits. They perform incredible skincare functions from exfoliating perfectly to nourishing the skin and more, you should try these...

Studies usually reveal that sugar intake comes with calories and health issues but we don't take a minute to look at the glorious wonders they perform for the skin/their beauty benefits.

Most people consider brown sugar perfect for skincare but in all honesty white sugar works as well. Sugar has beauty benefits we otherwise spend loads of money on.

From acting as a natural exfoliator to eliminating blemishes, restoring the skin's Ph balance to unclogging pores, sugar comes in handy for beauty and skincare.

Today on Pulse Daily the focus is on the beauty uses of sugar.

1. Sugar as a body polish:

1. One Cup Brown Sugar or white

2. Olive Oil (just enough oil to make the sugar wet).

3. Lemon Juice


-Mix all of the above together

-Scrub generously all over the body.

-Bath after a few minutes

Your skin feels refreshed, moisturized and glows afterwards.

When you exfoliate your skin regularly with this sugar scrub,you notice a healthier and glowing skin. Sugar scrubs are also gentle and less dehydrating compared to salt scrubs and works brilliantly for all skin types.

2. Sugar and Coffee to remove cellulite

1. One cup of brown sugar

2. Coffee Powder

3. Olive Oil

4. Honey


-Add one cup of brown sugar, grounded coffee powder, few drops of olive oil and a tablespoon of honey.

-Blend all the above until the consistency is even

-Apply the mix to the troubled area four times a week

This mix can be refrigerated for up to a month.


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