6 Bridal make up mistakes to avoid

We can never know too much about bridal beauty hacks. From what to wear during your makeover to the very end, heres what you will be needing.

Bridal makeup

Being mentally and physically ready, after checking your long list of things to be done a 100 times, there are still some things you manage to miss and do not realise until something goes wrong.

We can never know too much about bridal beauty hacks. After all, you only get one go at it so why not make it count?

You are probably thinking, 'what are there makeup artists for'? Sure, you may have booked your makeup artist already, but that's not nearly enough.

From what to wear during your makeover to the very end of it, we've got all the tips you need to know to keep your day as stress-free as possible.



As you walk down the aisle toward your spouse-to-be, you don't want the first look at you to be of abject horror because you look like a caricature of yourself. Don't book a makeup artist without seeing a portfolio of his or her work! You didn't do that for your photographer, so why would you do that for something as important as your face?

Not knowing what you want

Not having an idea of what you want your makeup to look like on your wedding day is setting you up for disappointment and your makeup artist up for frustration. Just like hairstylists, makeup artists like having a framework to work with. The more specific your inspiration images are, the more likely you'll look exactly how you want.

No experiments


If you've never rocked a red lip in your life, don't make the big day your first day trying it. You want to look like a glamorous version of yourself — not someone totally different. Plus, any cold feet are bound to be worsened by a beauty style that makes you uneasy.

Button up shirt for makeovers

The last thing you want is to ruin your hair and makeup by simply removing your t-shirt before putting on your gown. Choosing a top that buttons will let you strip down without smudging your face. If you have a gown that you can't step into, be sure to protect it from your makeup by lining it with towels before you put it on.

Avoid trends

As much as a contoured complexion and eyebrows on fleek are popular now, they will likely not be the trend when you're showing your wedding album to your grandchildren. Keep your look classic.


No skipping steps

You might do without all these steps on a regular basis, but your wedding day is not when to cut corners. Not only will these products help your makeup last from getting your hair done through a sweaty performance on the dance floor, but they'll make you look flawless (not shiny!) in your photos. The last thing you want to do is spend precious wedding moments in the bathroom fixing smudges and smears.

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