9 things every Ghanaian woman has done but would never admit

No matter how much we share on social media, there are just some things we won’t own up doing. Here are some of them.


But to be honest, no matter how much they share on social media, there are just some things they won’t own up doing, particularly when they are very embarrassing.

Here are some of the things women do but will never admit to.

We plan for the future after a date with a nice guy

Once we meet this new guy and have a successful date, we begin planning for the future with him immediately. We even go to the extent of imagining if our names will rhyme with their surnames or how it would even sound like. It might sound crazy but hey, there’s no harm in doing that.

We spy on our exes

Although we sometimes claim that we are okay without our exes, we still like to creep them on Facebook to see what they are up to and who they are rolling with now. This is to find out if we have been stupid by leaving the relationship or we are better off without them, or how unfortunate the new lady is.

Hold a fart till we are comfortable releasing it later

Who wouldn’t like to fart comfortably? And so, do women. We will hold the fart from the front and will wait to release it later when we are now in a comfortable situation.

We hate to poop in public

We just detest it when we have to do the deed and there are people around. Simply because we wouldn’t want others to smell the odour and we like the silence while we poop.

We own a pile of bras but will not throw away a particular one

We will constantly wear a particular bra even though we have new ones. And it’s all because that bra makes our boobs look best.

The feeling is great when our bras are off

The moment we take our bras off – Freedom! You have no idea how we are often in a rush to get home and take off our bras after a long day’s work.

We try clothes on even though we know they are tight

It’s crazy but we know we have gained some weight, yet we will still try on clothes that are a few sizes too small, and this brings trouble immediately.

Some of the dresses are damn tight but we still want to try them…then disaster happens.

Have the whole day to get ready but will still be late

Often, we have lots of time to get ready for our date, work and so on. But we tend to do everything at the last minute. Then we end up being late.

Deny everything above

We will deny the whole list above but will silently agree to each point raised.


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