• Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd is still dealing with rumors and shocking allegations from fellow cast mates as season 14 begins.
  • ICYMI: Vicki Gunvalson accused Kelly of using cocaine last season.
  • Kelly denied the allegations, and the feud with Vicki continues in season 14 and on social media.

What happens at a Real Housewives Reunion show certainly doesn't stay thereand Real Housewives of Orange County star Kelly Dodd knows that better than anyone.

ICYMI: Cast mate Vicki Gunvalson accused Kelly of using cocaine during the season 13 reunion show last November, People reported. Kelly denied it immediately, but the accusation still hurt. Its been really horrible, Dodd told the publication . I dont do drugs. I dont do cocaine. Ive seen it ruin families, Ive seen it affect people close to me. Im constantly telling my daughter Jolie to avoid drugs, I cant stress it enough to her." Still, the rumors live on.

While Kelly and Vicki have been at odds before, Vicki's accusations at the reunion really struck a nerve. "These women make up all these rumors about me," Kelly told E News. "Vicki comes after me the most, obviously. Tamra and Shannon jump on her bandwagon a little bit."

The feud continued beyond the reunion, too. Vicki also pointed out Kelly's temper when she commented on a Reality Blurb post rehashing the feud. "I used to feel sorry for her, now I don't," Vicki wrote. "She is an angry, volatile person."

RHOC: Vicki Gunvalson responds to Kelly Dodd calling her and Tamra Judge stale in a recent interview! #realhousewives #rhoc A post shared by Real Housewives (@realhousewivesfranchise) on Aug 9, 2019 at 4:25pm PDT

Vicki isn't the only housewife Kelly has been sparring with lately. After a fan tweeted about Tamra Judge's new $2 million home, Kelly weighed in and started a whole new feud on Twitter . The two hurled insults at each other in the thread. Kelly wrote: "You cant buy a tear down in Newport Beach for $2m. Coto is a nicer Temecula.." Tamra shot back: "Do you own a house ? I own 2"

Another fan fueled the fight and added: "You own 2 homes ...but at what cost ? Not having contact with your daughter ?kelly would never choose #RHOc over Jolie." Kelly responded, "I would never !!!" Mic drop, for the moment.

You cant buy a tear down in Newport Beach for $2m . Coto is a nicer Temecula.. Kelly Dodd (@RHOC_KellyDodd)

Do you own a house ? I own 2 Tamra Judge (@TamraBarney)

A real reconciliation between Kelly and the ladies on season 14 doesn't seem likely, but more drama makes for more entertaining TV. Kelly's not going down without a fight, either: "Everyone knows I do have a temper."

"You're going to see how hard this season is for me," Kelly shared with E News. "It's kind of like Groundhog's Day, me reverting back to season one again." It's so tough she admits she's thought about quitting, "more times than not." Kelly also shared that she sought therapy to deal with the Vicki feud and other conflicts in the group. "I went through therapy with Dr. Dow, Dr. Michael Dow, and, you know, he told me not to wrestle with pigs, so to speak," she told ET .