Beth starts her day by snuggling her adorable pup Betty while her husband makes them both coffee and breakfast. Her fav part of her morning, though, is heading outside and tending to her gorg garden. (She's seriously got #plantgoals.) "During this quarantine I've become an obsessive plant lady," Beth says. "I even talk to them and make them playlists. It's been so grounding for me to come out to them every morning." Cute!

After she waters her plants, Beth loves to sit outside while reading and journaling. "I've struggled my whole life with anxiety," Beth says. "And I know a lot of people out there are really anxious during this time. Getting creative, being out in nature, writing about your feelings is one of the best things you can do right now to help your mental health."

When it comes to her workouts, Beth turns to the Sweat App created by Kayla Itsines . She says she typically does a 20-minute HITT workout to get her muscles moving, then follows it with a 30-minute walk to keep herself outside and her heart rate racing.

Midday, she takes another walk with an *actual horse* that she rescued. An! Actual! Horse! So cool. Post-walk, Beth does her second meditation of the day while she sits around a patch of sunflowers and her horse eats. What a dream.

And in case Beth hasn't surprised you enough, she's also picked up a new hobby during quarantine : playing the banjo! This is a woman of many interests, you guys. She likes to practice each afternoon, and once she's done, Beth ends her day with a super relaxing bath and a book. (Right now she's reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle .)

So yeah, clearly Beth has packed a lot of relaxing, joy-inducing activities throughout her quarantine day. Go watch the video, and get motivated to add some of Beth's practices to your day!