‘Glow's' Betty Gilpin swears this morning smoothie turns her into a Gwyneth all day

With the second season wrapped and available for bingeing starting June 29, here's how she spends her morning freedom.

"As a result of having a long and arduous road with my skin, I start my morning with certain things that have helped me combat acne. I really notice that when I have these things in the morning, I break out less. I drink this green thing, called Macro Greens with some mint-flavored chlorophyll. Then I take all these vitamins-to try to tell myself that I’m a person who takes vitamins. I take fish oil and turmeric and zinc, all this skin stuff."


"My husband usually sleeps a little later than me, so coffee is sort of the morning present I can make for us. And I just make it in our French press, which I feel very self-righteous about, because it’s the one thing I can make. I can’t cook, I can’t boil water, so when I grind coffee beans and pour hot water into another container, I feel like I’m Wolfgang Puck. It makes me feel like I churned my own butter, like maybe I invented the French press.

"And then for breakfast, I usually eat eggs and toast or a smoothie. If I let myself act like a pirate person, I'll eat popcorn and lounge all day. But if I do one healthy thing when I wake up-like make a smoothie with kale, spirulina, almond milk, almond butter, protein powder, and coconut oil-it puts me on track to do a series of healthy things. I can be a Gwyneth."

"I usually give Babe about a half-hour walk. We have a park very close by, and before 9 a.m., you’re allowed to let your dog off-leash. It’s the happiest place on earth-a huge group of leash-less dogs high-fiving each other and frolicking in joy, surrounded by hungover hipsters with $12 coffees. I definitely talk to Babe and narrate what he’s doing, much to his chagrin. I meet up with my friend Rebecca and her dog, and we typically talk about depression and celebrity pregnancies. It’s so nice to connect to other New Yorkers in the morning, even just walking by them and smiling. To me it’s the best place on earth."


"I write for half an hour about my dreams for my acting process. Mornings feel like a magical secret world. It's quieter and I'm too tired to self-edit, so I'm the most free with my writing."

"For me, I’m either working out in the morning or it’s not happening that day. New York is incredible, but it takes it out of you by the end of the day. So I usually sign up for a morning class the night before, hoping the cancellation fee will inspire me to get out of bed.

"I used to take classes where you lift a three-ounce weight 160 times. Now, I do HIIT classes. I walk differently. My muscles feel alive."

The second season of Glow premieres on Netflix on June 29. Follow Betty Gilpin on Twitter @bettygilpin.


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