Hilaria Baldwin just shared her go-to exercise for 'better sex'

Her latest video, shared via Instagram on Thursday, showcases a pelvic floor move that "everyone must do." One of the perks? Better sex.

In the video, Hilaria starts off lying on the ground in a t-shirt and underwear, her legs in the air in a V. She then puts her hands behind her head and lifts her chest up, then lifts her tailbone up off the floor. She then slowly lowers back to her starting position.

As she explains in her caption, "This is life changing. Pelvic floor and lower abs. Reasons to work the pelvic floor: better sex, better control over bladder and \uD83D\uDCA9, fitter body (particularly abs), more youthful body, more stamina… for women: easier childbirth and recovery… the list goes on."

She then adds some crucial form tips. "In class, I explain the sensation of exercising the pelvic floor as having to pee and holding it. Learning to release the muscles slowly is vital," she writes.

She also recommends aiming for "three sets of 10" and, if needed, "you can bend the knees."

And these claims are actually pretty legit. While pelvic floor work isn't a cure-all, experts note that exercises like kegels may help with everything from incontinence to orgasm intensity.

Hilaria has been very open about her post-partum journey with her followers since giving birth to her fourth child (son Romeo) with husband Alec Baldwin. In a May Instagram post (one of the first videos after her delivery), she explained how she was getting back into the swing of things and building her core.

"Whether you just had a baby or haven’t used your abs in a long time, you must be patient," Hilaria wrote in the caption of the May post. "A little goes a long way...and if you stay consistent, you will get strong in no time."

Fans appreciated her openness about childbirth and recovery, and one follower called her "such an inspiration." And it's probably safe to say fans will appreciate the *ahem* openness in her latest post, too.


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