• On December 12, the Full Cold Moon in Gemini is happening.
  • This full moon will help you actually have fun this holiday season (yes, really!).
  • The moon will affect all zodiac signs, but Gemini and Sagittarius will feel it the most.

Everything can feel a little extra this time of year. Youre spending money like a Kardashian to take care of all the friends and fam on your holiday gift list, all while running around from party to party (for which you, inevitably, have to bring more gifts). It can all just be a little overwhelming when you stop and think about it. Well, lucky for everyone, the full moon in Gemini on December 12 is here to lighten things up.

Its called the Full Cold Moon, and its going to inject a little more holly jolly into your holiday season, according to Donna Page , a certified astrologer in Atlanta. Buuut theres a little more to it than that.

Heres what your zodiac sign can expect from the Full Cold Moon in Gemini, plus how its going to impact you going forward.

What is the Full Cold Moon in Gemini, exactly?

JIC you need an astronomy refresher, the moon has different phases, and a full moon happens when the moon looks like a big, round, glowy ball of awesome in the sky. The Native Americans of North America used to name the full moons, and many of those names have stuck around.

A lot of the names have cool, hidden meanings, but this one is pretty straightforward, per the Farmers Almanac . Its because it tends to be cold AF this time of year. The nights are long and dark when the Full Cold Moon happens and yeah, its chilly out there.

How will the Full Cold Moon in Gemini impact your zodiac sign?

Theres actually a lot going on with this full moon, Page says. The TL;DR is that youll crave lots of fun, and youll actually have it. But then theres all kinds of planetary happenings going on behind the scenes that add in different layers (like an astrological onion, if you will).

For starters, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury is currently in the sign of Sagittarius . That energy from the full moon can make you channel your inner Judge Judy. Cue delivering a verdict on the happenings of other people's lives, whether they want to hear it or not.

Mercury is also hooked up with Uranus, which is unpredictable, Page says. That sounds a little freaky, but its actually not. "Its a very playful energy," she explains. Sure, you might trip in front of your entire office while going up the stairs at work, but youll be ready with a quick joke about it to make everyone laugh, so its all good.

The full moon is also vibrating with Neptune, which is all about dreams and spirits (including booze). "The wine will flow," Page says. (Let's be real, thats almost never a bad thing.)

Oh, and since it's freakin' freezin' out, warm up with the best Starbucks drink for your sign:

Meanwhile, Venus, the planet of relationships, has Saturn and Pluto bumping up next to her, making you feel an internal struggle in the love department. Youll act out your own inner version of The Crown , playing the parts of prim and proper Queen Elizabeth and rebellious Princess Margaret at once. And that can get a littleintense. "You can feel a lot of passion and some jealousy, but part of you will want to behave and not get too out of line," Page says.

Thats a lot to absorb, but the full moon is ultimately all about having fun, promise. So, get out there and give those holiday parties your A-game. Just try to keep yourself in check if you start to feel jealous when you see your S.O. talking to someone else across the room, and you'll make it through the holidays in one piece.

The Full Cold Moon will impact every zodiac sign, but Page says Gemini and Sagittarius will feel it the most.

How will the Full Cold Moon in Gemini affect your future?

It just might keep you from having a mental breakdown over the holidays, so that's already a win-win, right?

Not to get too deep here, but taking a beat and having fun during one of the most stressful times of the year can also help you pick up some good coping skills for the next time you find yourself frazzled again. So, when work gets totally bananas in February, youll be able to channel your inner Full Cold Moon self and just ~deal~.

On the love front, it kinda depends on how you react to the full moon. If you go full-on green monster, youre going to have some 'splaining to do down the road when you go back to your normal, awesome self. But, if you focus on the passionate side of the full moon, you just might inject a little much-needed romance in your 'ship thatll bring you and your S.O. even closer.

When is the next full moon?

The next full moon is on January 10, 2020 (OMG), and its in the sign of Cancer.

During this full moon, youll be all about hunkering down at home, and you might feel a littleemotional. But for now, just kick back and enjoy the winter wonderland. You so deserve it.