All you need to do is add 100ml of water, which is less than half a cup, to the humidifier, plug it in, and it will run for hours. It's a cute addition to your apartment in that it fits right on your nightstand and will still leave space for your phone, sleep mask , and your latest read too. You can set it to mist intermittently or continuously throughout the night for six hours if you've got bronchitis, a sinus infection, or a cold and could really use the extra moisture.

One five-star reviewer (out of over 25,000!!) points out that the humidifier actually goes through the night and keeps her sleeping soundly. "They say that the unit should run continuously (red light setting) for about three hours and intermittently (green light setting) for about six hours. My personal experience as that it runs way longer (by at least two hours on the green setting). I use mine to help me sleep at night instead of taking medicine every night," she says.

It doesn't come with essential oils , but you can add a couple (or more than a couple) droplets of a calming scent to match what you're in the mood for, like lavender to help you drift off to sleep, citrus to energize you in the morning, or eucalyptus if youre feeling really stuffed up. Just an FYI from customers who've purchased the diffuser: The smell won't necessarily fill your whole house, but you can play with how strong you want the scent so that it can at least fill the room you're in.

Reviewers add that it's also super quietyou wont even know its on. You can select a relaxing color to set it on, or turn the lights on the diffuser off if its your time for lights out.

Another happy purchaser claims "it's like that meme where I feel like I just outdid myself and got myself this to catapult me to the new year" and that she "feels like she's in 2048" with the humidifier, which has worked wonders for her in the dry San Diego air. "My hands are peeling and everyone I know, including my cat, has sinus issues. My nose has been bleeding consistently and I know I've been breathing bad while asleep. I'm so glad I got it! It's so eye-catching and simple to use," she writes. She goes on to say, "This is one my smartest purchases ever and it works well as a vaporizer even if you aren't necessarily interested in using essential oils."

The reviews pretty much say it all. Gift yourself by filling your home with extra zen (or extra moisture, if you're struggling to breathe with dry heat) this winter, and add one to your cart ASAP.