Live a life of freedom with 3 tips from Lucas Metzler

Lucas Metzler, the university dropout turned “KryptoKing,” as he is popularly called, built staggering wealth in a short time as a cryptocurrency investor. Lucas is now living his dream in Bali, one of the world’s most exotic island destinations.

Lucas Metzler

At the young age of 21, the KryptoKing Lucas Metzler has managed to achieve the two goals most people spend a lifetime yearning for – financial freedom as well as geographical freedom. While he still does a lot of business, now he can live or travel where he wants and pursue his passions without having to watch his money anymore – all thanks to his passive crypto income.

Lucas wants to teach and mentor people online to emulate his path to exceptional success through crypto investing. Here are three ways he believes can help anyone achieve geographical freedom and live their dream.

Take Prudent Risks and Don’t Be Afraid to Fail

According to KryptoKing Lucas Metzler, some degree of failure is inevitable in any undertaking. But those who can learn from failure turn it into a stepping stone to success. Failure will teach you things about yourself you could never have discovered any other way.


For this reason, Lucas says, those who are fearful of investing their hard-earned money in crypto are perhaps living life so cautiously that it is as good as not living life at all. If that’s the case, you fail by default. Prudent risk-taking will put you in a position of strength and give you the geographical freedom you have always aspired for.

It’s not Your Luck, It’s Your Choices that will Set You Free

If you want to attain geographical freedom, live life at your own pace, and explore the world, you cannot depend on luck. You have to make hard decisions and choose your own path – nobody else will do it for you. Lucas Metzler loves to quote Robert Frost, who famously wrote: “I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.”

KryptoKing Metzler says choices that challenge you will always reward you handsomely in the end. Challenging your limits and exceeding the realm of what is easily possible will set you on the path to extraordinary financial and geographical freedom. The courage to make bold choices is the driving force behind all great accomplishments ever made in history.

Embrace New Technologies and Become a Constant Learner


To get out of the rut of a 9-to-5 office existence and exercise your right to geographical freedom, you have to morph yourself into a digital worker, entrepreneur, or investor. Therefore, be prepared to welcome and accept the rapidly changing digital technologies, and keep an open mind to unlearn the old rules and learn new ones.

Traditional currency, according to KryptoKing Lucas Metzler, is the old way that is going to get outdated. Cryptocurrency is the new idea whose time has come. Crypto investing is not rocket science as long as you have a solid mentor like Metzler to help you. You can make it your one-way ticket to geographical freedom and live life on your terms.


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