Kids recreate some of football most notorious moments

The Bad Boys FC used little kids to recreate some of football most infamous moments in photos


Some group of kids  have come together to recreate some notorious moments in football.

With a project called 'Bad Boys FC', advertisers Darren Urquhart and Thomas Smith, along with photographer George Logan shot a series of photo, using kids to recreate some of football's most infamous moments.

Speaking to , Urquhart explained the idea behind the 'Bad Boys FC' project.

"The idea came from witnessing some bad habits that school kids have picked up from the increased coverage of global football," Urquhart told CNN.

"We've seen kids brandish imaginary red cards towards the referee in an attempt to get an opposition player sent off. And also blatantly diving to win penalties.

"This behavior has obviously come from seeing their favorite players on TV doing likewise, and kids then think that it's an acceptable part of the game.

"This got us thinking, where will it stop? Will we see kids kung-fu kicking a fan or biting an opponent?"

"The kids were great fun to work with and we thoroughly enjoyed the shooting process," Urquhart continued.

"Ourand had their hair cut specifically and Anderson -- an extra in the Balotelli picture -- had hair extensions put in, which he kept after the shoot in order to look cool at school the next day.

"Even though the shoot was fun, we ensured the kids fully understood the message and that these were not moments of glory. The kids all responded well and know how to play the game with respect."

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