A Boko Haram attack on a military camp in Niger has left many people dead, authorities say.

The terrorists launched the attack in Dosso on Saturday, April 25, 2015, after arriving the area in motorized canoes, AP reports.

“At dawn on April 25, fighters from the terrorist group Boko Haram riding motorised canoes attacked the island of Karamga, a position northwest of the town of Dosso held by our defence and security forces,” a statement by Niger’s defence ministry said.

No official casualty was released by the ministry but the toll is believed to be high as the soldiers were reportedly caught unawares by the terrorists.

“The Boko Haram fighters attacked a military camp in Dosso, a border community in Niger. They came into the camp from several directions. The insurgents sneaked into the military camp when the soldiers were relaxed; they were not expecting the attack. I think that explains why several of them were killed,” a source told Punch.

“We can’t give the exact number but the Government of Niger is calling a national security meeting which means that those killed were many,” the source added.

Boko Haram is also said to have recaptured Marte in Borno state from Nigeria soldiers in an attack which is also reportedly left many dead.