Following the decision by the government to reduce aviation fuel by 25%, the boss of the National Petroleum Authority is urging domestic

The government on Wednesday, August 3 announced the reduction of aviation fuel by 25%.

Per the directive, a litre of Aviation fuel, which is  currently selling at $3.14 now sells at $2.35.

The reduction makes Ghana the second country with the  lowest price of aviation fuel in the West African Sub-Region, Mr Asaga said at the meeting.

Mr Asaga added that the reduction will go a long way to making Ghana an aviation hub in Africa.


Meanwhile, the International Air Transport Association says the real effect of the reduction would be felt if the taxes on aviation are reduced, and not the service charges.

It said service charges on the provision of aviation fuel cannot be controlled and hence cannot be dictated by the NPA. However, taxes on Aviation Fuel are well within the control of the government, hence are more viable targets for the price reduction.