Bishop David Oyedepo has issued a warning to critics of the high school fees of the church-owned Covenant University.

While announcing the Winners Chapel's annual programme, Shiloh 2016 Convention in a telecast, the church's founder took some time to pass a message to critics.

According to Bishop Oyedepo, the university's high fees, allegedly N799,500 per session for 100 level students, has God's blessings.

Thus, he urged people to stop criticising this amount or face the wrath of God.

"The school fees has Gods approval and is in accordance with the quality of facilities provided by the university in meeting the educational needs of the nation,” he said.

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Bishop Oyedepo also made reference to an individual, who suffered chronic mouth odour after criticizing the church.

The individual was only healed after he confessed to the church's founder.

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