The company, which shut down its operations in January for “routine maintenance”, is reportedly operating at a loss.

This latest development has resulted in a situation where workers of the company are seeking greener pastures in other cocoa processing companies operating in Tema in the Greater Accra Region.

Media reports also suggest that the once viable company is operating at a loss; reasons for which salaries on several occasions have delayed without any explanation. 

Although authorities of the company officially declined to speak to when we contacted them, some of the workers, who spoke under conditions of anonymity said that about 500 workers had resigned.

The company which has the capacity to process 50,000 tonnes of cocoa beans is now processing 300 tonnes of cocoa beans.

The workers emphasized earlier assertions that the company is unable to purchase enough beans to keep up with production.

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In the wake of the company’s shut down in January, scores of workers of the company told that the company is struggling to come up with money to purchase cocoa beans.

"The truth of the matter is that there are cocoa beans as we speak. The company has not bought any beans. Also, the company cannot make profit for the pensioners who have shares in the company. "

The chairman of of the CPC Workers Union, Kingsley Owusu also told in separate interview that CPC is “cash-strapped” and needs “money to survive.

"CPC is cash-strapped and needs money to survive since their competitors are providing ready cash for cocoa beans." he said.

He said pensioners, who had invested hugely in the company, were unhappy because the company had failed to pay dividend to them.