The Auditor General’s Department has raised concerns over the alarming rate at which management of Municipal and District Assemblies are falsifying account documents.

This, according to Deputy Auditor General, Yaw Segah is a worrying trend that must be checked immediately.

“In many instances they have to be queried before they submit their accounts for audit, and some cases, they go to the extent of forging documents to back their expenditure claims”, he revealed.

The phenomenon is causing huge financial loss to the state, he stressed.

He wants this phenomenon addressed,  to save the country from losing much-needed financial resources.

"After the audit, we are given 30 days to respond and for all this time you couldn't provide documents. All of a sudden, when PAC calls you somehow the documents are made available," he said.

Policy think tank, Imani Ghana, reported in July, 2016 that state institutions have misused over $1.6 billion between 2012 and 2016   alone, owing to financial malfeasance and  lack of due diligence.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Public Account Committee, Kweku Agyeman Manu has blamed the Committee’s slow pace in tackling the audit reports of MMDAs on the reluctance of the MMDAs in submitting reports for scrutiny.

The Committee has a huge back-log of audit reports of various MMDAs to tackle,  dating back to 2014.

However, Honourable Agyeman Manu says MMDAs are yet to submit their 2015 reports.

"They bring a report in July or August say in 2013 or 2014, you can't consider it until 2015. We've tried to clear our backlog and as we sit here it looks like we have moved to the level where we are now actually picking on 2014 reports and we haven't received 2015 yet," he revealed.