The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) is set to begin a mass disconnection exercise today Monday 20 in a move to recover debt owed it by consumers.

Outstanding debts coupled with continuous consumption of power by government institutions are affecting the revenue generation of the company, the general secretary of the Public Utilities Workers Union has said. “The outstanding debts coupled with the continuous consumption of power by government ministries, agencies and departments and other institutions are seriously affecting the revenue generation of the company", he said

"As a trading concern, the fact that about 40% of our monthly billings are constantly not paid by these high consumers is aggravating the financial crisis of the company. As workers, we have exercised a lot of restraint and caution but have come to the realization that some drastic action needs to be taken to resolve this matter once and for all. Accordingly, we urge all consumers to take note that we are going to embark on massive disconnection exercise beginning June 20 to claim our monies,” he added.

The exercise follows a decision by government to privatize ECG.

In April, a task force set up by the ECG managed to retrieve GHC36 million from defaulters who either steal power or use it without paying.

“we have set up a task for that has started this operation to ensure that all those who are by passing, stealing and using electricity without paying, we would bring them into the net,” deputy power minister John Jinapr said at the road show for investors on the concession for the management, operation and investment in company.

“You cannot have a system where you increase tariff, one segment of society is paying and the other is not paying. It will interest you to know that just last week alone, through that exercise, they realised an amount of 36 million cedis” he added.