The government says it is already implementing Akufo-Addo campaign pledge to establish a dam in every farming village in the Northern Region.

The Minister for Food and Agriculture, Alhaji Mohammed Muniru, made this known in an interview with Accra-based Atinka FM.

"He [Akufo-Addo ] is promising, we [the ruling government] are doing it," making an analogy: "the one promising you a hat and the one who has the hat and is giving it you," who is to be trusted.

The NPP leader on Sunday said he intends to build a dam in every farming village in a bid to improve agriculture production in the country.

He said the only way to increase the total land area under cultivation in Ghana from 30,000 out of 14 million hectares of arable land is for the country to develop more irrigation systems.

“You have been hearing me talking about 1-District-1-Factory. As far as this part of the country is concerned, I even want to go further and talk about “1-village-1-dam”, to make sure that in every village, we have a functioning dam to support agriculture. If Ghana’s agriculture is working well, the nation is capable of feeding West Africa,” he said.

The Agric minister said under a programme called  Ghana Commercial Agricultural Project (GCAP), a number of dams have been rehabilitated for irrigation in both the Upper East and Northern Regions.

"One is the Via irrigation and the other is  Botanga irrigation projects," he said.

He added that another dam is being constructed at the Nasia-Nabogu valley  in the Northern Region.

"That one will give us 3000 hectares of rainwater harvest irrigation scheme. The initial phase has produced 480 hectares and the one under cultivation has  is 385 hectares," he said.

He continued: "Recently the president cut the sod for the construction of the Damne irrigation dam. When the project is completed, it will give us about 285,000 hectares of arable land for the Garu-Tempane District in the Upper East Region."