The Ghana Private Road Transport Union has charged all public transport drivers to refrain from increasing bus fares until the union completes the necessary consultations with the Ministry of Transport.

Fuel  prices have seen close to a  28% increase after parliament approved an emergency Energy Sector Levy bill which imposes additional levies on most petroleum products .

As is usually expected, public transport drivers are looking to increase prices of fares as well.

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However, National Executives of the GPRTU have charged all its members to put all plans of increase on hold. In an exclusive interview with the chairman of the GPRTU, Kwame Nkrumah, he made it clear that:

" The drivers have no right to increase fares until we  do or usual annual consultations with the Ministry of Transport. Nobody is supposed to charge a new price."

He stressed that the consultation  with the Ministry of Transport is a prerequisite to any price change.

" Even if we agreed on any price increases, we must first consult with the necessary stakeholders including the Ministry of Transport, before any increments can be done."

The Ghana Private Road Transport Union resolved in mid 2015 to review prices on an annual basis, after due consultation with the Transport Ministry. This arrangement became necessary after the implementation of the Petroleum Deregulation Policy, which meant that fuel prices were changing on a fortnight basis and with it  transportation fares.

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Mr. Nkrumah told Pulse Business, " We took the decision because prices were changing too fast. Passengers were complaining and we needed more stable prices. So we came to the decision that prices will only change after an annual meeting with the Transport Ministry."