The Government of Ghana is training 7000 participants on its nationwide entrepreneurship training program which is expected to create more jobs at the end of the training.

The 7000 trainees coming from every corner of Ghana will be trained in topics like business modeling, business planning, as well as the act of raising capital among others to help grow their businesses.

Speaking to the media after a tour of some training centres, the CEO of the National Entrepreneurship Innovation Plan (NEIP) John Kumah said the government will do all it can to equip the youth with practical skills for business growth.

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“The quality of training during the one month training period is assured. We have standardized the quality of training across board with the British Council, so irrespective of the hub that trains you are getting the same standard of training. We have made sure the numbers per class are reduced to an average of one hundred plus to ensure that trainers can have enough time to engage trainees on an individual level.”

The nationwide training programme is being organized under the direction of the Ministry of Business Development. It is supposed to train the Small and Medium Enterprise owners who applied for business start-up capital from NEIP.

All participants of the training are expected to undergo a competitive Business Plan development competition after which a final set of 500 participants with the best business plans and projects will receive support packages from NEIP.