Diezani is the ‘untouchable Jezebel’ that massacred Nigeria’s oil money

"Jezebel Allison-Madueke massacred the fate of 10.5million children out of school, 80 percent of unemployed or underemployed graduates, the 300 Chibok girls, the unpaid and dying pensioners, the old men and women with no social benefits. She massacred the future of the young boy and girl with no educational scholarships..."

Former minister of Petroleum Resources, Diezani Alison Madueke.

“… I bear no ill will against anyone on past events. Nobody should fear anything from me. We are not after anyone. People should only fear the consequences of their actions” – President Muhammadu Buhari

Diezani Allison-Madueke needs no introduction. She has been so unfortunate to be one of the very powerful Jezebels in the former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration. She controls largely the oil industry which even the then President dare not ask too much question about. She was one of the untouchables, the immovable and the irredeemable of that administration. How dare you talk without her permission? Who cares how the National Assembly feels about the mismanagement of funds in the oil industry?

On Friday, 2 of October, after doing her usual best to evade justice here in Nigerian, the British National Crime Agency arrested her in London, a place she is supposed to be hiding or receiving treatment for cancer (an ailment she took up immediately Buhari was sworn in) for series of offences ranging from bribery, corruption and money laundering.

Nigeria is once again on the international scene for shame. Nigerians will not be quick to forget that this Jezebel it was that practically squandered, milked and sucked dry the Ministry of Petroleum Resources. We need not be reminded of the historical and factual manipulation of oil subsidy removal in 2012 that claimed some lives of helpless Nigerians whose soul never got justice. How else is one better qualified to be called Jezebel? One can only hope that her arrest, and subsequent trial will give the lost souls justice.

Jezebel Allison-Madueke, it was, that led a Ministry that allegedly diverted (or looted) about $20 billion as alleged by Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, the then Central Bank Governor. How dare Sanusi challenge her royalty? How dare he blow the whistle? Not many were surprised then what became of Sanusi’s job after displaying this act of patriotism. This was how powerful this woman was.

Not only did this Jezebel massacred our oil industry, she child-raped and lied to Nigerians that their suffering will end by 2014 during the manipulated oil subsidy removal. Pictures obtained on Nigeria former Jezebel minister Allison-Madueke’s sons, shows how they are living in paradise in America, complete with private jet travel, housing ship vacations etc.

How much was this woman earning as Minister for this kind of lifestyle assuming she was that hardworking? Not even US President Obama’s family will have this kind of life style. Jezebel Allison-Madueke massacred the fate of 10.5million children out of school, 80 percent of unemployed or underemployed graduates, the 300 Chibok girls, the unpaid and dying pensioners, the old men and women with no social benefits. She massacred the future of the young boy and girl with no educational scholarships or grants or students loans to go to school, the son of a woman selling Maize with no financial strength to ever become what he dreamed of just to climb the ladder just like a Young African American nigga from Honolulu in America or a soldier latter to become the President from Owu. I hope the shameless writers and defenders of this Jezebels won’t call this a witch-hunt just like Bukola Saraki who claimed to have sold rice to make 14billion. Let us be quick to remind our Jezebel defenders that for there to be a witch-hunt, that means there are witches around. Not one want to live among witches because they bring no good thing. Only witches are comfortable among witches, so if this is witch-hunt, then let the other witches around should repent and go and sin no more.

Nigerians can endure a long night of suffering but not lies. They proved that at the polls in March 2015 when they marched to the polls to cast their votes for integrity. What is witch-hunt anyway? Witch-hunt is when our so-called leaders have no shame, conscience nor compassion to lead by example of a nation of pride. As it is said, a great nation is a compassionate nation. Great people make great nations. A nation populated with Jezebels is a nation built of wrong footings.

The greatness of Nigeria lies in Cayman islands, Swiss Bank, and at the underground homes of the Jezebels and offshore accounts around the world. How will the Jezebels inspire a great nation when they are in fact the opposite of it? What’s the pride of the girl in Mubi whose future is uncertain because some Jezebels somewhere squander their future wealth for present gains? A girl who can only listen to a transistor radio in a local farm but instead of hearing the voices of hope, she only hears the voices of Jezebels.

Chief Obafemi Awolowo noted in his Allocutus that “… for some time to come, the present twilight of democracy, individual freedom and the rule of law, will change or might change into utter darkness. But after darkness – and this is a commonplace – comes a glorious dawn.” History will judge whether Awolowo’s words will come to pass in the present and in the future. Jezebel Allison-Madueke must account for the stolen future of that girl in billions of dollars until then can we say change has come and not blind optimism. There is no “gender equality” in this case!

At the risk of belabouring the memory of Chief Awolowo, let me still quote him when he noted, “In the long run, all human problems do settle themselves aright, whatever anyone or group of people may do. This is so, because all those who do wrong and injustice, are merely setting themselves against the powerful tide of Nature’s or, if you like, History’s dialectical progression.

Temporarily, this tide can be held back; but certainly, not permanently.” The end of Jezebels and their kinds are nearer than they may think. Just as Buhari warned, people should have no fear, except those whose actions are at variance with their conscience.

They only need to fear the consequences of their actions. I owe this Jezebel no sympathy at all!


Kolade Gbolagade Freedom is a social commentator public affairs analyst based in Lagos, Nigeria. HE can be reached on +2348130924163 or makdino4real@yahoo.com.


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