The Network of Communications Reporters (NCR) have applauded the Ministry of Communications and the National Communications Authority (NCA) for making strides towards the migration of  the country  from analogue to digital terrestrial television (DTT).

“While the NCR admits that the move towards the full implementation of the process has delayed, it is refreshing that at last, positive results are bound to show in the best interest of the country,”  he said in a statement copied to

The Network also charged the Ministry not to renege its promise of providing  free boxes for Ghanaians who cannot afford it.

“The NCR would want to entreat the ministry to follow through its promise to provide settop boxes to people who cannot genuinely afford them. It is our hope that people will be selected devoid of political party affiliation while using objective and transparent means to select beneficiaries based on merit”.

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NCR then cautioned the Ministry to take  steps to control lapses in the system of which criminals will like to take advantage.

“With regard to the television stations in the country, the NCR would want to advise the station owners to consider airing more local content as against foreign. We know that due to competition, television stations would want to broadcast more programmes to be able to attract a larger viewership, a temptation that might lead them to do what will not be in the best interest of the people,” the release said.