The Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has warned that agencies that do not comply with the September 1 deadline for paperless transactions at the ports will be sanctioned.

“We are hoping that by September 1st, we will move electronically. We have tried at this stage to integrate the systems. We have to eliminate the duplication that we have so that we make the systems more seamless. This is what we are hoping to achieve and we believe that with your cooperation we will have an efficient system,” he said to stakeholders.

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Dr Bawumia was optimistic Ghana can achieve a four hour turnaround time at the ports through an efficient system without bottlenecks.

“I Think that our four-hour target will be met and I think we all should put our shoulders to the wheel and get this thing working by September 1st, I think it will really help this economy by reducing a lot of hustle for the importers and it will make the Finance Minister very happy.”

Dr Bawumia said this is because of a complete automation of the systems at the country’s ports.

“From 1 September, we will integrate the system and eliminate any form of duplication and make the system more seamless,” Dr Bawumia said.

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“This is to reduce hassle for importers and make the Finance Minister very happy,” he added.

The country’s ports in previous years have been seen as one of the places where corruption is rife.

Importers have their goods locked up at the port sometimes for months due to the delays by authorities in charge of clearing their products.

To get your items cleared quickly one needs to bribe some officials at the ports.

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Dr Bawumia said such corrupt and bureaucratic practices will end after the automation processes begin.

He was hopeful that the new development will also “reduce the headache for customs officers.”