Country Director of IBM Ghana, Angela Kyeremanten-Jimoh has encouraged businesses to take up cloud computing as an effective means of data management, storage and analysis.

According to Angela Kyeremanten-Jimoh, cloud computing is cheaper than traditional hardware storage systems, hence provides a cheaper and  more effective tool for data storage.

“Cloud is Cheaper. The days of  putting so much resources into buying hardware are long gone. Instead of investing loads of money on physical hardware that will take physical space and energy, cloud computing is simple and easily accessible.”

One other benefit of cloud computing as revealed by the IBM Country Director is its scalability.

“ It is easy to acquire more cloud storage space as and when you need more. This is in contrast with what usually happens when using hardware storage systems, where you must invest in the hardware that you may not readily need or have to acquire a new whole hardware when you need more space.”

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The third benefit, according to Angela, is the business adaptability.

“ Cloud makes it easier through  the help of some apps, to adapt to the needs of your customers in real time and provide better service delivery.”

Cloud computing is not devoid of challenges though. The country director mentioned inadequate internet connectivity, inadequate amounts of local expertise to manage cloud computing and Security.

IBM, however has taken steps to educate the public on the proper and effective cloud management techniques and urged other multinationals to help train local expertise in cloud computing.

“ It is when multinationals are able to impact knowledge about cloud computing to locals, that we can truly say that we have made an impact”, she said.