The Fisheries and Aquaculture Development Minister, Ms Sherry Ayittey, has tasked the unit in charge of monitoring the activities of illegal trawlers in the fishing industry to weed off miscreants whose operations in the sector are fast depleting fish stock.

She said: "The law says don't fish for Juveniles, what are the juveniles? They are the tiny fish that will grow to become the big fish. So if you sweep everything from the bottom of the ocean, there'll be nothing and the law empowers the enforcement unit to ensure that you don't take the juviniles."

The fisheries ministry is also considering new methods and technology in fishing, she said, including reducing the month stay of trawlers to three months.

However, members of the trawlers association said the new measures will be too expensive to implement.

"We don't have research vessels... because if were to be having research vessels, they'll research and tell us that ... let say from January to March , don't fish in this depth because of have the juveniles there and that will help us. but since since we don't have any research vessels to tell us which month they are absconding and all that, it becomes very difficult., head of the trawlers association of Ghana, George Boateng said.