Traders at Kasoa old market in the Central Region on Saturday virtually occupied the street around the construction of the

“We came in this morning and we were told the market has been fenced and that we would not be allowed to go into the market,” Cecilia Arthur, a trader at the old market said. “So we have to set up our stuffs closer to the street because that is the only available space for us.”

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Traffic was at a standstill for almost an hour and the only policeman around to control traffic seemed helpless.

It took the intervention of some workers of the construction firm Queiroz Galvao to move some of the traders whose goods were impeding traffic flow for vehicles to move.

People who came to board buses were stranded for a while until there was traffic flow.

About 3,500 traders in 2006 had their structures pulled down at the old market to make way for the construction of the interchange.

They were subsequently moved to the new market site off the Bawjiase Road but has since returned to the old market.

Poor sales at the new market informed the decision of traders to return to the old market. In addition, most traders were reluctant to move there.

“There [old market] they don’t buy things. Here is closer to town and the ‘trotro’ station and people buy stuffs,” a trader who gave her name as Fati said. “I do not think I will ever go to the new market. It is too far.”

Traders at the old market have so far refused moves and ultimatums to relocate them to the new site.