From Friday August 5, 2016, importation of cement to Ghana would be banned.

According to the Bill, persons or companies  that wish to import cement would require a license, failure of which would attract punitive measures from the state, ranging from fines, to prison sentences or both.

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In order to guard against defaulters of this new regulation, the Trade and Industry Ministry is establishing a Portland Cement Monitoring Committee (PCMC) to implement and enforce the provisions of the regulation.

The committee will also advise the Trade Ministry on importation, pricing and local production of Portland cement.

The move is believed to be in response to calls from local producers  who have called on government to protect them from unfair competition from imported cement.

Currently, the Ghanaian cement market is dominated by GHACEM, produced by the Heidelberg Cement Group, Diamond Cement produced in Afloa in the Volta Region, and Dangote Cement which is exported from Nigeria, but for long.

Dangote Cement is reportedly establishing a manufacturing plant in Takoradi.