The innovative Christian platform, LoveRealm, which was featured on in 2016’s first edition of

LoveRealm provides a way for Christians to avoid what has been described as pornographic and un-Christian content on social media.

“Life is not all sunshine and rainbows; there are storms and tornadoes and sometimes we fall, we lose loved ones, we get tired and we need people to help stand again.”

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That has been the value of the web app to users so far, and is looking to be more convenient to the average Christian, as the app which is available on the app store, will give easy access to users with more ease and flexibility.

Dr. Ansong shares positive reviews from users so far, and says that encouraged the team to intensify efforts to launch the app.

These are the features of the LoveRealm app.

1.   Gives you real-time access to counsellors and mentors who are ever willing to help you go through the tough moments in life.

2.   Connects you to  millions of believers across the globe who are sharing inspiring content you love.

3.   Avoid all the noise, nudity and pollution on other social networks. Enjoy a Christ centred experience.

4.   Deal with your weaknesses, struggles and burdens. Build on your strengths and become even stronger.

5.   Find daily inspiration and exhortation from the word of God that edifies and exhorts your spirit.

6.   Send private messages and prayer requests to other believers

7.   See what your other friends are talking about. Tell the whole world what the Lord is doing in your life through stories, pictures and status updates. You will also be inspired by stories of those in your network.

8.   Find answers to mind-boggling questions.

The app is now available for download on the Google Play store.