The National Communications Authority has begun an exercise to weave out operators of illegal frequencies in the country.

The transmitters are reportedly operating on frequencies licensed for the provision of internet provision.

The frequency bands in question are the 2.3GHz, 3.3GHz, 3.5GHz and 3.6GHz which are allocated specifically for use by ISPs.In a statement released by the NCA and copied to, the NCA is currently carrying out the exercise in Accra and will later expand to other parts of the country.

READ MORE: National Communications Authority NCA responds to calls to ban internet calls"Investigations are being conducted to ascertain the owners of the equipment used to perpetrate these illegal actions. The appropriate actions will be taken against the perpetrators in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act, 2008," said the NCA statement.The statement  added that the exercise is being conducted in accordance with sections 62 and 71 of the Electronic Communications Act (ECA), 2008, Act 775."The activities of illegal users contravene Section 9 of the ECA, 2008, Act 775 which states that: (1) A person shall not use a spectrum for designated services without a frequency authorization granted by the Authority. (2) A person who wishes to use a spectrum shall apply to the Authority in the manner specified in Regulations," the statement said.