According to  Kwaku Kwateng, his suspicions  stem from the fact that government had already contracted Subah Info Solution for the same job, resulting in a reduplication of contracts hence double- payment for the same job.

Dr. Omane- Bomah in response to the allegations, however, denied any such arrangement, maintaining that government has not contracted Afriwave Telecoms Ltd. to monitor international calls.

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In a statement released by the Minister and copied to Pulse Business, the  Minister described Kwaku Kwarteng's comments as "unsubstantiated suspicions."

Dr. Omane- Boamah stressed that he has no personal interest in Afriwave Telecom Limited, adding that, to his knowledge, no money has been paid to Afriwave Telecom Ltd, hence no double- payment has occured.

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The minister found it unfair that the MP for Obuasi West will alleged that he( the minister) personally asked telcos to grant access to Afriwave Telecom Ltd into their facilities, a mandate that is solely for the National Communications Authority.

Below is the full statement from the National Communications Authority: