In an exclusive interview with Pulse Business, Kwaku Kwarteng said the statement from the Ministry of Communications is wishy- washy, and a mere attempt to save face.

"I  have evidence to the effect that on the 4th on November, 2015 the  National Communications Authority wrote to the telcos informing them of the decision to replace Subah Info Solutions with Afriwave Telecoms. According to them , Subah Info Solutions does not have the required license to carry out the audit"

The MP charged the Ministry of Communications of fraudulently awarding contract to monitor audit international calls done by telcos operating in Ghana  to both Subah Info Solutions and Afriwave Telecoms Ltd, for which the Ministry made double- payments.

This prompted a statement from both the National Communications Authority  and the Ministry of Communications refuting the allegations.

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But, Kwaku Kwarteng maintains that the statements and explanations are mere attempts to save- face.

In the Ministry of Communications' statement, they are in the process of abrogating the contract of Subah Info  Solutions, adding that Afriwave has just been asked to undertake a pilot in order to properly assess them.

However, Kwaku Kwarteng has strongly challenged the statement.

" If the NCA abrogates Subah's contract, they must tender the contract for companies to bid. Their decison to allow Afriwave Telecoms to carryout a pilot is not leagal. Does that mean they have given the contract to Afriwave Telecoms? The Minister must come again with his explanation."