Chief Executive Officer of the National Petroleum Authority, Moses Asaga has taking a swipe at the Ministry of finance accusing them of misleading parliament in creating the impression that fuel prices will go up by 5% after the imposition of the Energy Sector Specialized Levies.

Responding to the raging controversy on  Citi Fm's Breakfast Show, over the fact that fuel prices had gone up by 27% when parliament had approved a five percent increment as suggested by the Ministry of Finance, Moses Asaga disclosed that:

" The NPA, in a meeting with the ministry of finance clearly told the minister that fuel prices at the pumps will go up by 20 to 28% if the Special Energy Sector Levies are imposed."

When asked  why parliament approved a 5% increase, the NPA boss said the Ministry of Finance misled parliament into approving  the document.

" That had nothing to do with the NPA, the Ministry of Finance misled parliament into  passing the levies."

Meanwhile, deputy  minister of Finance, Cassiel Ato Forson has attempted to clarify the document made available to parliament.

" All we tried to do was to present  different scenarios as to how much fuel may cost at the pump if the Energy Sector Levy was imposed, coupled with the exchange rate  and international world price of oil at the time. We did not mislead parliament"  he said.

Additionally, the NPA boss  took a swipe at parliament for contributing to the confusion over the fuel prices.

" Blame parliament for the increases too. It is parliament who approved the document."