Former Deputy Attorney General, Dr Dominic Ayine, has revealed that AMERI is not ready to renegotiate its power agreement with Ghana after the Addison committee recommended that the deal be reviewed.

The Addison committee  charged to review, restructure and recommend areas of amendment of the AMERI power deal, had recommended that the deal be renegotiated or abrogated on grounds of fraud, after it emerged that Ghana was made to pay 150 million dollars extra in commission to Africa & Middle East Resources Investment Group LLC (AMERI Energy) for the construction of the power plant.

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AMERI in its agreement with Government dated February 10th, 2015, charged Ghana significantly higher than what it was charged by the Turkish registered company – PPR, which financed and executed the project, the committee said.

But speaking on Joy FM's Newsfile Saturday, Ayine, who played a key role in the signing of the deal, revealed that AMERI has told the government that it will not review the power agreement.

"We are not getting $150 million because again they (government) have said that AMERI is willing to renegotiate. AMERI drove them away and said they are not willing to come to the negotiating table because it will economically and financially unwise to revise anything in this agreement."

He also rejected claims that he did not offer any legal opinion prior to signing the deal.

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He explained that the Mahama administration began dealing with APR Energy, a subcontractor of AMERI where he issued an opinion as the then attorney general. Subsequently, he said, when there was an innovation, AMERI was substituted for APR Energy.

"In substance, all the terms and conditions are the same except the substitution of the name Ameri for APR. What was the need for us to issue a second opinion to say Ameri has taken over?" he asked.