Member of Parliament for Obuasi West constituency, Kwaku Kwarteng says the Mahama government will lose the 2016 elections because of its abrupt decision to reduce the price of  electricity.

Government on Monday, sanctioned the reduction of electricity prices for industrial and residential users for the rest of 2016, announcing that the cuts will last till December.

According to the MP for Obuasi West, the decision is a cheap strategy to gain political points in the build up to the 2016 elections.

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He however, believes that the strategy will backfire just as a similar one did under the Kufuor administration, where government reduced the prices of fuel in the build-up to the second-run of the 2008 elections. The results of that move was a defeat to then incumbent NPP government, as electorates thought they were being deceived.

Although Kwaku Kwarteng maintains that circumstances under which the Kufuor government reduced fuel prices had nothing to do with the elections, he believes Ghanaians thought they were been hoodwinked.

He therefore believes that Ghanaians will see through government’s allegedly deceptive move to reduce electricity prices and hence will show their disdain for the move by voting the NDC out of power.

“If approaching the election government would implement policies that consumers can clearly read into like this, then they are on their way out of government. If it is possible to reduce electricity prices all along, you do not wait until election is around the corner to introduce these price cuts. Consumers can clearly see through this, that the move is just to win the elections. And I assure you after the elections, the prices will go back to record high,” Kwaku Kwakeng told

He added that it is embarrassing for government to say that the subsidies last only to December.