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Less than a month after a complete renovation of the application’s interface accompanied by a new logo, the photo sharing application has launched its first advertising campaign. And it is France that Facebook, who bought Instagram in 2012, chose as it first target market.

The new advert campaign with creatives Marcel and Co. will run on 3 media (internet, cinemas, urban display). In a report on BFM, Laurent Solly, head of Facebook France, revealed that the campaign is backed by a "significant" budget and will be aired throughout summer.

Teenagers prefer Snapchat to Instagram

In recent months, it seems that the crazy growth of the photo sharing app has slowed somewhat.

While Instagram had gained 100 million users between 2014 and 2015, the number stagnated in 2016. A study by the British agency Locowise, shows that the application has seen a growth rate fall by 90% between April 2015 and April 2016. Users are also noted to be less active on the social network with engagement levels (sharing photos, likes, comments) falling by 5% in April and even 63% in one year.

This raises question for the financial viability of Instagram, which like Twitterhas been said to have reached the peak age of maturity, a this period which is notably difficult to handle for most social networks.

Though it is too early to conclude, it appears that Instagram suffers major competition from Snapchat.

Another survey conducted by the investment bank, Piper Jaffray, showed that 28% of adolescents prefer Snapchat as the social network they use most against 27% for Instagram, 18% for Twitter and 17% for Facebook.