SoundCloud app review: How to use SoundCloud app on iPhone

SoundCloud app is the recommended audio app for all your music needs. Although a bit tricky to use on iPhone, its the best virtual music app for all smartphone users. Read on to find out more on how to use SoundCloud app on iPhone.


SoundCloud App Review; How to use SoundCloud on iPhone?


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SoundCloud has come a long way since its inception in August, 2007 by its two founders Swedish founders Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, after its official launch in October, 2009. In May 2010, SoundCloud announced that it had 1 million users. Which subsequently progressed to 5 million registered users in 2011. Therefore, it didn’t come as a surprise when SoundCloud threatened the reign of Myspace in the virtual music industry.

Unlike other music/audio app, SoundCloud allows you access to playlists put together by your favourite artist themselves…how cool is this? Not only would you find first-hand music but also a remarkable collection of bands (popular and garage). Bedroom DJ’s. The place to discover the unknown.


You can turn this music app into anything that you want to be. A listener, creator or a star. Record and upload sounds/music from your device. Opt to share them privately or publicly, seize the opportunity to engage your audience and watch your fan base grow.

Search for incredible and innovative playlist from other creators, build an enviable playlist and share your passion with others. The ability to upload files with a unique URL, makes it social media friendly. Easily embed sound files in your Twitter and Facebook posts to make it more interesting.

Download your SoundClound app from your AppStore. Due to its online feature where you can only stream music, you will need a third party to help you download your music. Some third parties apps to look out for are Freegal Music, Beats Music, Free Music Download Pro, and iDownloader.

How to download music from SoundCloud on iPhone (using iMusic)

iMusic can be used for downloads from Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and Vimeo.


Step 1. Download iMusic

Download and install iMusic. You can either get it from the Appstore or download it directly.

Step 2. Find your music

Browse through SoundCloud to find your track. Copy and save the URL/ web address of the music.


Step 3. Download your favourite track

Log into the iMusic platform. Go to the “GET MUSIC” icon. Options will pop up beneath, click on the “download” option. This would open up the download window with a search box. Past the web address of your music and click download to begin the download process.

Downloaded music would be added to your iTunes list immediately. Connect to iTunes to transfer music to your iphone. iMusic allows you to download in the format of your choice. Giving the option of either downloading in MP3 or MP4.

Some may also opt for the SoundCloud Downloader Pro, for easy downloads to your iPhone. Helps you to find music, download music to listen off line and stream online too. Simply put, this app is kind off like a clone which allows you to download tracks inside the app!


Just tap on the music you are listening to that you want to download. You would be asked whether you want to download and in which quality (high quality is for the premium version). You can also find the SoundCloud Downloader Pro in the Appstore.


SoundCloud makes it really easy to navigate through the vast music galaxy. The downside is you can’t listen to music off line. But with the help of third party apps you can now enjoy all your favourite tracks both online and offline.


Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss


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