The Executive Director of the Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC) has passed a damning verdict on Ghanas economy, saying the economy is "

Dr. Steve Manteaw said because the economy is broke, government has resorted to borrowing on the international market in order to run the economy.

According to him, he would not be surprise if government announces another roadshow to raise money in the coming months.

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Manteaw therefore challenged government to come clean on the true state of the economy, arguing that this will invoke some public sympathy and support when government takes hard decisions.

"We are broke and that is why every now and then we resort to borrowing on the international market. I won't be surprised if government announces another roadshow to raise more money in the coming months," he told the Daily Guide Newspaper.

"It is not abnormal for a government to face financial difficulties but the difference it will make is to make full disclosure of the challenges you face to your people and admit where you think you have failed as government."

"But if you resort to the peddling of half truths and use of language to deceive the public, then you can get into a situation whereby when the people get to find out that the government is not being honest with them then it erodes whatever trust that exists between the people and the government," he added.