Accra Mall pays GHC2.3 million VAT to GRA

Accra Mall accordingly paid an amount of Ghc2,306,625.90 to GRA through a banker’s draft Wednesday morning.

A statement issued this afternoon by Hannatje Ludick, the asset manager for the mall, discloses that prior to the payment the management of Accra Mall and senior officials of GRA had made considerable progress in engagements regarding the settlement of the outstanding tax liability and the mall had proceeded to initiate the due processes required for payment of the outstanding liability.

The management of Accra Mall was therefore surprised that a GRA task force arrived at the facility yesterday morning, ostensibly to enforce payment, in spite of progress made in ongoing discussions on the subject.

Following this development, the management wishes to affirm that Accra Mall Limited has always been and would remain a responsible, compliant and law-abiding corporate player on the country’s business landscape and would not, in any way, deliberately flout the payment of any tax or any other regulatory requirement.

In fact, the management of Accra Mall has taken the lead in keeping open the communication channels with the GRA, as there was uncertainty around transition rules regarding payments received in advance in the VAT Act enacted in 2014. Since then management has been engaged in constructive discussions with the Authority around the implementation of the VAT Act.

It is worthy of note that Accra Mall ranks high among the crop of businesses in Ghana that are prompt and flawless in the payment of their tax liabilities,  such as the PAYE, withholding tax and VAT, and has consistently ensured payment of these up to October 2017.

The Mall assured its tenants and patrons that it will continue to provide the best environment needed for business and modern one-stop shopping and sustain Accra Mall’s status not just as Ghana’s premier mall but also the country’s most preferred destination for shopping and business.

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