Automaker to lose $2.2 billion due to new discovery

Volkswagen could lose more money because of a new discovery of of irregularities in CO2 levels of some of its cars.


Volkswagen seems to be going from one problem to another.

While dealing with the latest news from the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) and California regulators concerning a new incriminating citation, a new discovery has surfaced.

Irregularities in CO2 levels of some of Volkswagen's cars have been discovered.

According to the German carmaker,the CO2 levels and the fuel consumption figures for the affected cars were understated during the original CO2 certification process.

Since around 800,000 cars could be affected, Volkswagen could lose as much as $2.2 billion(N438billion).

Lets hope the carmaker's 5 step strategy for a major comeback pulls them thought all of this.

Do you think Volkswagen could ever recover from this scandal?


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