People who look like insults are now insulting me - Otabil

Pastor Otabil was trolled on social media last week after news broke that GCB bank had taken over Capital Bank and UT Bank as they were struggling to operate financially.

In a sermon on Sunday, Dr. Otabil recounted events during the past week saying: “You know when people who have no right to insult you, insult you; that is reality.

“You look at the person insulting you and the person, sometimes, himself looks like an insult. But out of the abundance of his insult, he is insulting you, so that is reality. Reality is when it is hitting, when all kinds of stuff is hitting, I don’t want to go too much into that.”


But at the Church’s headquarters in Accra on Sunday, Dr Otabil said God’s promise of peace helped him to deal with the unfortunate news.

“For me, this is what helped me: it is getting hold of my mind and on Thursday morning, I woke up and I said: ‘Well I have a church to preach to on Sunday, they are not going to come and listen to pastor’s troubles, they need a word of encouragement, so, I go to my process of beginning to prepare my sermon and part of the process of doing my sermon is I start praying for the congregation, so I’m not praying for myself.’

“Am I in difficulty? Yes. But now I’m beginning to frame my references well. I’m praying for the people and I’m praying for people who are going through their own challenges and people who are going through all kinds of situations. I say: ‘Lord, help me bring a word to them that will encourage them; that will lift them up.’

“When you get to that frame of mind, you are now leaving the space of the storm and you are now getting to the peace of God. You are now becoming an instrument for God to use for his glory and for his purposes,” Pastor Otabil said.


He, however, believed that what happened was a sign of good things to come for both his church and Ghana as a whole.

“This year’s Greater Works was a point of departure and something huge took place. We poked somebody’s eyes. And when you poke somebody’s eyes, he’ll hit your hand. So what we’re experiencing is the hand-hitting. But the eye has been poked already. I said the eye has been poked already. The eye has been poked already.

"We transited and something massive is coming out of it, something massive. It cannot be stopped, it cannot be delayed, it cannot be denied. It’s coming because God has decreed it; it’s upon this nation. What happened at Greater Works was not just for ICGC. It was the turnaround of Ghana’s destiny. Ghana’s destiny was taken back and Ghana’s destiny is turning around and nobody can stop it. No devil in hell can stop it. We have poked the devil’s eye and we have the victory in Christ Jesus,” he said.


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