9-day groom market where women go to buy bachelors

A market where bachelors gather in wait for women to buy and make them their husbands has sparked reactions online.

Saurath Mela or Sabhagachhi

Educational qualifications and family background determine how a man is priced, and women, accompanied by their families, storm the market to browse through the men before deciding which one suits their specifications.

The groom market, located in Madhubani district, India’s Bihar state, is called Saurath Mela or Sabhagachhi.

Men reportedly gather under pipal trees in the local market for nine days for spinsters to make their selections.

The annual tradition, which is reported to have been ongoing for over 700 years, was allegedly started by Raja Hari Singh of the Karnat dynasty to help women find the right husband from various backgrounds.

It is reported that engineers, doctors, and government employees are the most sought after, and they impose heavy dowries on the families of any woman who wants to buy them, although payment of dowries is banned in India.

The family of the woman takes charge of the deal, and she hardly has a say in the choosing and buying of the bachelor, because the family has to strike a balance between suitability and affordability.

In other news, a young Ghanaian man has disclosed that he is making a lot of money from having sex with women, including married ones and others whose lovers are not able to satisfy them in bed.

In an interview with Berla Mundi on the Day Show, the man who pleaded anonymity said that he chose to venture into sex work after working as a construction labourer and then a mobile money agent, all of which he did not succeed at.

He explained that he and his other male fellow sex workers meet their female clients mostly online, and then they strike a deal.

“We have girls who approach us that they want to have sex with us. Like their husband or something is ignoring them. So they just need someone naughty to make them happy. So if you come to me, I will charge you. If this is what you want, you pay an amount and I will satisfy you.

“Before you become a Hookup pimp, you must first do hookup so that you know plenty of people, especially the girls. Because if the girls don’t know and trust you, they can’t work with you,” the young man said.

He maintained that he is not doing the illegal job because of laziness, but because the average salaries paid by Ghanaian employers to their employees cannot help him take care of his family responsibilities.

In his view, beyond the monetary benefit he makes from sleeping with women, he also gets sexual pleasure as a bonus.

“It’s not like I’m being lazy. If you join it, you will understand. You are getting sexual pleasure and being paid for it also. For short, some can pay 300 cedis or 400 cedis. And for a night, if the person is good, you can charge in dollars.

“If you are working ad you are being paid 500 cedis, what will you use it for? How will you take care of your family? If you don’t add an additional job, you can’t survive,” the male prostitute added.

Asked where his parents were when he claimed that there was nobody to pay his fees, he said his parents are not well to do.

“I had to further my education, but I didn’t have anyone to help me. My parents are in Accra, but they don’t have money. I was washing cars to pay my fees in senior high school. Now I want to go into business because even if you finish school unless you know somebody who can help you.”

He recalled how his Mobile Money business was flourishing before it collapsed as a result of the COVID-19 restrictions.

Aside from having sex with women for money, he and his friends are also involved in pimping girls for sex-hungry men.

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