GLC puts on hold Ghanaian YouTuber's call to the Bar over 'lack of good character'

Ghanaian YouTuber, Elorm Ababio, popularly known as Ama Governor’s aspiration to become a lawyer hangs in the balance as the General Legal Council has put her call to the Bar on hold pending the outcome of a committee tasked to determine her worthiness or otherwise.

Elorm Ababio, aka Ama Governor

She was one of the many Ghanaians who completed their professional law program, passed their exams and scaled the interview session, and are expected to be called to the Bar on Friday, November 11.


However, days to the event, she received a letter from the General Legal Council through its secretary informing her about a concerned citizen’s petition to the council alleging that she lacks good character befitting someone who aspires to be a lawyer.

The said concerned citizen raised an issue with one of the YouTube contents of Ama Governor and described it as a “conduct unbecoming of an application to be called to the Bar”.

According to JoyNews, the General Legal Council has constituted a three-member committee to investigate the complaint, and the outcome will determine the fate of the popular YouTuber.

The development has sparked mixed reactions on the various Ghanaian social media platforms, with some people attacking the General Legal Council and calling for its dissolution, while others agree with the petition.

Some of the proponents of the petition have been sharing old video content of Ama Governor in which she is seen vehemently defending LGBTQ and verbally abusing Ghanaians who are opposed to their ideologies.

An online petition calling for justice for her has been circulating on social media.

While the social media reactions continue, all fingers are crossed to see what will be the committee’s determination of the petition.

Meanwhile, students of the Ghana School of Law have been directed to submit their various social media handles to the authorities for monitoring to ensure they don’t conduct themselves in ways that breach the legal profession’s code of conduct.

The Director of the School, Yaw Oppong said the legal profession is a noble one and anybody who intends to practice must be ready to abide by its tenets.

“Everybody will have to provide their social media handles. We are going to look at it and you will be monitored in terms of conduct. We are required by law to make recommendations. We don’t want to stampede you.

“You are going to reapply beyond the pass and submit yourselves for all legitimate checks,” he said, as quoted by

Oppong disclosed this during the swearing-in ceremony of the School of Law Students’ Representative Council (SRC) executives, urging all students to submit themselves for the character checks before the General Legal Council’s approval if they are indeed prepared to become lawyers and called to the bar.

“Once we are doing our best to ensure that as many of you as possible who want to help yourselves go beyond the stage you are, and we are succeeding, it will not compromise your good character.”

“It’s of no use if you are qualified to go to the second year, and you are told that you cannot go because of bad character,” he added.

The Ghana School of Law has been under scrutiny following certain decisions to strengthen entry requirements for students.

According to the school, the initiatives were to ensure the standard of legal education is not lowered in the country.

Also, many analysts, including legal practitioners have questioned the school’s marking schemes which caused many students to fail their exams to be called to the bar, a situation that pushes some Ghanaians to resort to abroad for legal education.


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