Ghanaian cross-dresser assaulted for allegedly sleeping with men (video)

A Ghanaian cross-dresser believed to be a male has been assaulted by a group of men who felt deceived by his dressing.


The attack was filmed, and the footage has been making the rounds on social media and sparking mixed reactions.

In the viral video, the attackers are seen slapping the helpless victim left, right, and center while ordering him to look into the phone camera being used to record him.

It is alleged that the unidentified man succeeded in sleeping with some men who were deceived into thinking that he was a woman.

Although the man in question looks more feminine than masculine, social media users say it is farfetched that some men claimed to have slept with him without knowing that he was a male.

The assault has been widely condemned, with some saying that rather than beating the man, he should have been handed over to the police.

Cross-dressing is the act of wearing items of clothing not commonly associated with one’s sex. Cross-dressing has been used for purposes of disguise, comfort, comedy, and self-expression in modern times and throughout history.

In similar news, a video showed a woman being flogged mercilessly by men reported to be her in-laws.

The incident happened in Kenya and got the citizens reacting with calls for the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.

The woman, identified as Mama Kwamboka, is heard in the viral video crying for rescue as she is whipped left, right, and center by a group of men wielding long sticks who accuse her of disrespect.

One of the woman’s attackers, an elderly man who repeatedly flogged her, claimed in the Dholuo dialect that she had insulted his elder brother.

The victim is heard calling on bystanders who appear unconcerned to come to her rescue, but they are not bothered.

"Just kill me. Arrest me with him. Help me. You are killing me. You had ordered me to leave, I'm going now," the woman cried as she suffered more flogging.

The victim is reported as saying that she had tried to rescue her son, Alfred, from being assaulted when the men turned their anger on her.

The footage, which appears to have been filmed by one of the onlookers, ended up online and triggered numerous angry reactions.

Following the wide condemnation of the incident, Kenya’s National Police Service has reacted to the video, saying its local command is dealing with the matter and would keep the angry Kenyans posted.

"A video clip circulating on social media where an old lady and a young man assumed to be her son are being flogged by an unnamed aggressor has been noted by the National Police Service.

"The cruel act victimising the two for whatever reason is unjustified, unlawful and cruel. NPS joins outraged Kenyans in condemning the uncalled brutality against the two.

"There are legally laid down procedures of settling conflicts between people. The rule of law should always prevail against the rule of the mob in all situations.

The area police officers are handling the matter. We shall therefore share the outcome of their findings in due course," the police said in a statement posted on its Facebook page on Monday, April 18.

Meanwhile, a Kenyan lawyer, Steve Ogolla, has vowed to represent Kwamboka and her son Alfred to ensure they get justice.

He lamented that the victim was in severe pain due to the assault and needed urgent medical attention. He then offered her KSh 50,000 for treatment.


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