'I'm worried' – Ghanaian man says girlfriend doesn’t ask for or accept his money

A Ghanaian man has expressed worry about the unwillingness of his girlfriend to ask him for money or accept it when he gives it to her of his own volition.

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According to him, anytime he gives money to his lover, she rejects it, saying: “’Let's use it for something very important.’”

He added that the only time his lover accepted a gift from him was when he bought her a phone worth GHC1500, but he had to lie to her about the price because she would deem it a waste of money.

In a letter that was shared on Anonymous Confessions of Ghanaian Women, the man said that his lover’s extraordinary attitude is making him suspect that she might be cheating on him.

“Keep me anonymous please I have been dating this for 3-4years now and I seem worried. she doesn't ask me for money and whenever you try then she is like ‘let use it for something very important.


“If I can recall; the only thing she has accepted from me is a phone which coated 1500gh of which that one sef I had to lie to her concerning the price of the phone. I'm very worried and thinking she is seeing someone else aside me that's why she is doing that thou she has introduced me to her parents,” he lamented.

He is asking for advice as to whether or not it is normal for a lady to not ask her boyfriend for money or accept it when offered to her.

His concern has sparked mixed reactions on Facebook, with most people saying he should count himself lucky because women of his girlfriend’s kind are rare, while others say the lady’s consistent rejection of money and gifts could be a red flag.

Kosivi Kosi Agyimanku wrote: She’s a woman who isn’t dependent on men. She’s the lady we refer to as an independent woman. So in this case, please learn to love her right and always be there for her with the little little things that excites her. Ultimately try to be trustworthy and open to her regarding everything. Such women thinks about you and your success. Don’t let her slip. Be a good boyfriend who is sensitive to her needs.”


An Ge Lina: She is making a big mistake. After marriage when you don’t give her “chop money” she will come and be worrying us with anonymous marital problems. If u don’t agree you are right, if you agree you are also right.”

Walter Yeboah: Lucky man, pamper her and never cheat on her. She is not seeing any man, just that she doesn't want to be a burden on you. She wants to be a helper.”

Maahme Ammuh Pokuwaah: The reason why I always prefer to work..

“I feel shy asking people for money..

“She’s just independent…


“Some of us grew up getting things for yourself so we hate to burden others with our needs.”

Matumbwe J Christopher: Money is the only thing you can offer in the are now worried.not all women are into money.may be she has the way,a lady who loves you will find it difficult to ask money from you.she's even planning her future with you.imagine telling you to invest that money for the future.few girls can do that these days.she's wife material.indeed you are lucky to have her.just hold her like glass.”

Isaac Okolonko Ackah: Where did you find her and does she have sisters?

“Asking for my neigbhor.”

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