Ghanaian men still chase us when we're visibly pregnant - Women share experiences

Some Ghanaian women have shared their experiences with men who made advances to them while they were visibly pregnant.

Pregnant woman

A question by Nyhiraba Kweku Ntsiful, a member of a Ghanaian Facebook group, Tell It All, opened the can of worms on March 11.

"So is it true some guy's propose to pregnant women?" Ntsiful asked.

Then, women on the page began revealing how men pursued them while they were heavily pregnant.


Below are some of the revelations:

Nsroma Maame

Hmmm a guy proposed to me when I was pregnant and I was shocked I just looked at him and started laughing cos I guess he was mad...I mean how? And the annoying thing was that I was wearing my rings too...eeeiiii

Sarah Bans

I'm not surprised at all. I remember how one doctor used to worry an aunt of mine when she was pregnant. This guy even ignored the fact that my aunt's husband is a soldier ooo. Full vim. I was shocked. She stopped going to that hospital and even had to warn him to stop cos it was becoming too much. A married woman with both rings paaaa


Feruza Fatawu

I experienced it several times when I was pregnant not once not twice hmmm

Soledad Moda

Very true, i sent a criminal case to the police last year when i was almost due delivery, the inspector later called and said he has fallen in love with me, meanwhile, my 1year, 7months son was at my back too, eeeeiii, very serious

Shafatu Mansur


One guy approached me when I was about 7 months pregnant. He was like even if I have to father the child koraaa I will do so I left the scene in peace

Yeboah Sakyiwaa Mavis

Very true paaa, when I was pregnant for my first born a certain guy was madly in love with me, so he told me to give the pregnancy to him n tell my hubby that it's not his,

Eiiiiii, how can I do that so I was like"ad3n braa wo ntumi nwo anaa" these creatures will not let us have peace

Lucinda Aryeetey


My sister went to roadside to buy something. She went with her then 1 year old son while pregnant. She said a man stopped her n proposed to her. When she asked if he couldn't see de condition she was in, nigga man said it's normal

Lucinda Aryeetey

My sister went to roadside to buy something. She went with her then 1 year old son while pregnant. She said a man stopped her n proposed to her. When she asked if he couldn't see de condition she was in, nigga man said it's normal

Habibatu Bansie

Yes a guy proposed to me when I was 7 months pregnant and he was willing to do everything I was shocked mpo


Akosua Mensah

Experienced parent

It true ooo hmmm one man bi followed me at Makola eeerh,well, I was surprised cause my stomach was very big ooo,I even turned very well for him to see but still he was telling me how beautiful I was and wants to be my friend and wants my number aaah so I told him my husband will beat him oo,he started laughing but then I got a car and left him

What is this world turning into koraaa,hmmm

Okronipah Gifted


Yes i have witness some before he was like madam please aspect me i don't care whether you are pregnant or not

Linda Dansoa

Very true paaaaaaaaaaa, especially doctors do propose to very neat and beautiful woman . When going for check ups

Jah Bless Faila

When I was pregnant,according to a certain man I looked so beautiful, and this man wasn’t joking at all when he said I should agree so we can give back my husband’s Dowry back to him so he can step in as my husband.I asked myself if I had some artificial charms I wasn’t making good use of.


Getty Getrude Trudy


There was this guy following me and even when I told him I was married, he told me that is not a problem cuz we can still do something about it meanwhile, I was 5 months pregnant.

Nana Yaa Ayimadu

When I was pregnant with my first child wasn't married then, this guy in my area who had been pestering me for years but turned him down nu. He told me even if you are pregnant I wait for you to deliver


Maabena Tiwaa Owusu-ansah

Yes oooo it happened to me when I was almost 8 months pregnant with this my nose he still went ahead to propose , some men ankasa they need help ooo I told him he is a wizard if you can find somebody else’s pregnant wife attractive then you are a wizard

Regina Larbiokor Etuah-Jackson

It's true paa, I encountered same ,when I was almost nine months and ready to pop.

LizzytheGodfovourite Child


Yes,I witnessed it wen my sister was pregnant..ei the way men were proposing to her paa....with her ring on

Efia Papabi Sakyim

Yes oooooooooh, some do paaaaaaa. It happened to me, I got tired that I had to involve my husband before he stopped

Nasara Issah Salwa

I experienced it severally when I was pregnant. One guy still calls me beautiful pregnant woman when he sees me


Blessing Naana Ansah - Senkyire

Yes oooo the way one guy wanted to marry me in my pregnancy state .. this guy got broken heart when I denied him

Naomi Kumeko

Sure, I've experienced that not ones not twice & all end up saying "if you were my wife like I will preg you every year, pregnancy looks good on you". I will just smile & walk away.

Nana Ama Shai


Naomi Kumeko some ladies look so attractive and sexy when they are pregnant. Your body becomes full and supple.

Allow the men to express themselves. They kind hide that feeling forever

Abla Selawoe Edziah

Yes paaaah

If u see me heavily pregnant with twins and how the pregnancy humbled me paaaah that even if I see myself in the mirror I doubt if I was really the one ehn.......a son of Adam was able to look at am tell me its not the pregnancy he wants, and doesn't care whether I am married or not.....what he wants is me.....hmmmmmm


Its well

Acheampong Agnes Agnes

I one of those fools at Suame, I was pregnant wearing wedding ring and going to buy fried rice I was craving for. He stopped me at that joint after I have bought and inhaled a needed amount. He will take care of me and my baby if I give him the chance.

Emelia Megbenya

Yes my first pregnancy,the man approached me and had wanted to give me a lift which I declined, proposing love to me with that my big stomach master can't you see my Tommy,madam I love you with everything you carry



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