Ghanaians reveal professionals they’ll never date; check if you're on the list

Before choosing a career, nobody considers whether or not practicing that profession will make it difficult in the future to find a soulmate; all that mostly matter are fulfilment of passion and income, but it appears that the former must also be factored in the equation now.

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A simple question of "Do you guys have professions you wouldn’t date?" has caused a stir among Ghanaians on Facebook, with many of them mentioning professionals and explaining why they’ll never date them.

The debate has been happening on the page of the Ghanaian Facebook group, Tell It All, and even attempts by some to educate the others about the irrelevance of profession when it comes to love did not suffice.

Below are some of the interesting reactions to the question:

A police man.

A teacher unless lecturer

A soldier.

Mortuary man

Some how doctors

We fall in love with personality, not profession

Well some professions come with a certain personality with them

e.g look at doctors: they're gentle and listening, engineer's have an ill sense of fashion

So the moment you mention Nurses , they come for you with insults. What are you trying to prove?? What’s the need to insult?? Other professions were mentioned. Must some of you always prove

"nurses don’t respect anaa"

Meanwhile, we have some noble people in there.

Me d333 I no get any professionwe are all humans …habit and character doesn’t concern profession

Those mentioning nurses what are your reasons kraa cause i dey love them pass any profession on this planet earth.Trust me female nurses are the most sweetest, caring and lovely .


There's nothing like God forbid in the journey to marriage

I used to hate soldiers passionately and here I am blessed with the sweetest and loving man in uniform

Be mindful of your words

Otherwise we will be busy gathering stones instead of diamond

We don't date professions....most of the people mentioning nurses, trust me they wouldn't even like to be your friends..

Some of you paa diee…these needless preferences will keep you single for the rest of your lives

Me abi all weather

I see beyond profession, so it can’t limit me of choosing a partner

Men with GAF, teachers and health workers

So those comfortably mentioning nurses without fear or favor what is your own

My daily Prayer topic is to marry a health worker some day, she who fears the Lord. But see how many are mentioning Nurse as not worth dating or settling with herh.

Do we actually date and or marry a person's personality trait or we date profession, education and or degree or occupation???

If we go into a relationship bcos of the latter then we shouldn't complain when everything collapses.

Meanwhile, 5 out of 10 weddings held every weekend are nurses. So I don't know why people keep saying they don't like nurses.

Paaa,female teachers and nurses can testify to this.Some men approach you and be like I have always admire and wish to marry a nurse,deep down they want your payslip for turn off if you admire my job that why you approach me,then be a nurse yourself err…obooooowa playslip nti

Laboratory technician because I don't want the both of us doing the same work

Hummmm people saying nurses nu ,some of us are looking for them kuraa we are not getting them, you are there saying you wouldn't date nurse be there wai.

Pastors and church elders.

Eiiiiii, My challenge I'm facing,I love him paa but he loves teaching with passion.. sorry I can't Marry a teacher



Mortuary man

Fire man

Prisons officer

Nurses, lady pastors, when talent becomes profession I mean musicians

Nurses... the fair and short ones.... anka I ll be single forever

Massage therapists and male nurses

The men in uniform. Never never


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