I’ll never date again – Man vows after girlfriend cheated with his father

A 27-year-old heartbroken man has vowed to never date again after realising that his girlfriend of two years has been cheating with his biological father.

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As if the sacrilegious infidelity was not bad enough, Michael Kamau’s lover, Nicole (not her real name), justified her action by saying her father-in-law to-be treats her like a queen.

The Kenyan college student who spoke to, recounted that his lover, after he confronted her, told him that he only takes her out for lunch dates and doesn't give her money, but his father does.

Kamau told the news website that he met Nicole in January 2020 and they fell in love. During their relationship, they only met on weekdays, so Nicole

"She used to tell me she travels every weekend to Kajiado with her parents to take care of their businesses. And most of the times, she would switch off her phones," he said.


Although Kamau was planning to introduce Nicole to his parents, that cannot happen anymore because one day in February 2022, he found out that she has been cheating on him.

"One Saturday, she uploaded photos of a house and a Toyota V8 that looked familiar to me on her WhatsApp status. She had blocked me on her main line and couldn't see her posts, but forgot I had saved her other number," Kamau recounted.

"I was heartbroken. I didn't talk to her that weekend. The following week on Tuesday, she came for a sleepover at my hostel. I didn't ask her about her weekend. We had dinner and after she slept, I took her phone and checked her WhatsApp and M-Pesa messages and I almost fainted."

Kamau noticed that the house and a Toyota V8 whose photos Nicole uploaded to her WhatsApp status were those of his father.


When he questioned her about cheating with his biological father, Nicole said she did not know that the elderly man was Kamau’s father. She, however, explained that she gets better treatment from her father-in-law to-be.

"‘He treats me like a queen. You only take me for lunch dates and don't give me money. Heri nilie kwenye Range Rover kuliko baiskeli.’" Kamau told


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