"I’m lonely" – Physically challenged 56-year-old virgin regrets rejecting men (video)

Many men approached her when she was younger, but Alvera Uwitonze, a physically challenged woman, now-56 years old, rejected them.

Alvera Uwitonze

Her fear at the time was that the men were just interested in taking advantage of her situation to use and dump her.

She feared that with her condition, if she got pregnant and the man responsible ran away or denied responsibility, she would suffer alone with the pregnancy and have to cater for the child single-handedly.

To avoid making her life miserable, Alvera turned down all the numerous men that were after her at her youthful age.

She feels lonely now and lives a solitary life, with only one analogue radio set as her only companion.

Now that she is interested in men, they keep telling her that her time has passed and that they want younger and able-bodied women to marry.

"They used to come here and ask if they could marry me, and I refused them all. I was afraid a man would come and get me pregnant, then leave me and the child for someone else," Alvera recounted in an interview with Afrimax TV.

The elderly spinster, who said she had never had a man, expressed regret for not giving them a chance when they were chasing after her. She recalled how a man she was interested in marrying told her that he would only accept her offer on the condition that she would pay him.

"I live deep in the village and there's no way I can get that kind of money. But if I get it, I will still give it to him because I am lonely and I also want a family of my own," she lamented.

Alvera was born able-bodied but fell ill while growing up. Her parents, instead of taking her to the hospital for professional treatment, sent her to a traditional medical practitioner.

Her condition then deteriorated, resulting in the disability she lives with now.


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