Korle-Bu doctor reveals men are doing cosmetic surgery for six packs and ‘men boobs’

It has emerged that like women, some Ghanaian men are now undergoing cosmetic surgeries to have six packs and what is referred to as “man or men boobs”.

Dr Nii Ayi Ankrah

A plastic surgeon at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Dr Nii Ayi Ankrah disclosed this in an interview on the premiere of The Doreen Avio Show on Saturday.


According to, he cited what is called “man boobs” as one of the most sought-after surgeries by men who want to change their natural looks.

“Sometimes, men come with what we call ‘men boobs’ or ‘man boobs.’ Different reasons can account for it, but that is something that we deal with occasionally. Some do come for liposuction,” the new website quoted Dr Ankrah as saying.

He went further to reveal that aside from the “man or men boobs”, some men visit hospitals to seek liposuction to remove fat from specific areas of their bodies.

“From hair to toe, there are different types of cosmetic procedures. Just on the face, you could deal with,” he told Doreen Avio.

Explaining the circumstances that compel people into seeking to alter their natural looks to something different through cosmetic surgery, Dr Ankrah said psychological issues cause people to be self-conscious about their body shape, creating a sense of inferiority.

He added that the outcomes of some of the cosmetic procedures do not meet the expectations of the patients.


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